Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy & Lucky!

CAF Celebration just ended today. Its good meeting up with them and also a chance to talk and hang around with some of them. XDD Had a great great time~

This is the 1st of the many BBQ to come for the rest of this month. There's a lot of BBQ coming up. Woohoo~ Falling a little sick these few days. Running nose and sore throat but its much better~

Work is becoming more enjoyable though I'm basically keying in numbers into the computer for 8 hours a day and I'm going to do it for 2 months. Yipee. That sounds like so much fun.... But can't complain. $$$$$$ =P

Somehow, I'm feeling really happy and lucky now. Not exactly sure why I guess its caused by several reasons and not just one.
But yea. I'm really glad that I managed to have the talk I wanted with him. And it helped me to clear up some of the doubts floating in my mind for quite some time. Glad that we could finally talk and have some time together.
Also, I think I found the assurance that I was looking for. Maybe I was just looking for it in a wrong place beforehand. =P Happy~

I watched G-force 3D yesterday. It was goood! Super funny and cute. Hahas. Guinea pigs + mice + ferret hamster + transformers. Xiang and I had our dinner in the cinema, Popcorn + Corn fingers + Wedges + Coke. We rushed down to the Cathay after our work and didn't have time to go for our dinner so had to eat in the cinema. Pretty filling though. Hahas.
Oh! And speaking of food, he also brought me to this place, White Dog Cafe at Vivo, for dinner where the atmosphere and scenary is nice~ Lots of dogs statues in there. Hahas. Here's some pictures~

Xiang Min's Chicken with Mango. Sounds weird but it tasted pretty nice.

My super cheesy chicken baked rice. Its really cheesy.


Okay, think I should be getting back to my dramas now. There's lots of things I want to do this holidays. I want to meet up with Sarah and Kim. Really! I want to meet up with them again. Go out for ice-cream therapy and maybe bit of retail therapy with Eileen~ Meet up with bGoh, Bez they all this holidays if possible too. Since I'll not be going for their class gathering tomorrow as I got some stuff to do at home. Hopefully, can meet them soon. XDDD


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