Friday, December 4, 2009

The day she left...

Without any warning or sign, she left us.

By the time I knew, the doctor told my parents she was gone.

I didn't manage to say goodbye.

When I heard the news, I cabbed back home to wait. After that, I cabbed down to NUH to see her 1 last time before she was moved.

Throughout the journey, I can't stop my tears. They just kept flowing. I wanted to call Xiang Min but I knew I can't and I won't. He was working and also I knew, I would just cry louder and harder. I'm feeling better now. Thanks to my church friends who came over just now and my family. But whenever I look at my room, it feels quiet and empty. I know she's back with the Lord and I'm thankful she had a painless departure.

She took care of me when I was young, my playmate in my childhood, my hokkien teacher and of course, my naggy and protective grandmother. She's gone now. Her death has impacted me much more than I thought it would, much more than my maternal grandmother, as I guess, she was close to me when I was young.

Flashbacks are running through my head and I keep remembering our past conversations and talks. I'm glad she led an healthy life and did not suffer a long painful death.

2 pictures of us when we were young.

Goodbye Popo.

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