Monday, December 21, 2009

Zonked out~

HARLO~ Xmas is coming~!!!

I'm sooooo tired but kinda of refusing sleep as I slept for an hour plus at XM's house. Was planning to sleep for only 45 min but ended up sleeping for 1 hour plus.. Too tired. Was getting kinda of high and seh seh due to lack to sleep. Hahas.

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day and the day after that will be at P. Ubin so there won't be any updates for me for 1 day plus. Heex. Youth Camp.

Past few days have been busy and here are just some pictures~ There are like soooo many pictures in my camera that I have not transferred over or upload it on FaceBook~ Somehow, FaceBook isn't working whenever I'm uploading pictures for this lappy. Hrmmm~

Just some pics. More next time, took pics with Jun, Sandy and Puay Loo too. Been an hectic weekend.
XM & Me~ XDD

Odango Bun~
Okay, sleep time for me I guess. Cya next time~
Nights~ Zzzzz...

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