Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Safe Cooking?

I watched New Moon with Xiang Min and it was...... Okkaaay. Just what I expected, my reaction was okaay. The lines were indeed cheesy like what most of my friends' had said and I felt, there wasn't much of a plot or any climax. Oh well~ I'm waiting to see the 3rd movie though, hopefully there will be more fighting scenes. Whahahaha!

We were also walking around CWP just now and something caught my eyes!

Super Cute!! And I bet it's totally cook proof and kitchen safe for someone like me.
I want one of that!! I got my eye on the sushi making set, the macaroon set, the sandwich set, gyoza, chocolate and many many more. All of them look so tempting!~~~

Heeheehee. I want one, but the price is around $19.90 to $69.90!! Very big range. I was tempted when I saw it at AFA but I didn't realise that there were other places selling it too. Whahahaha~!

I think I went a little crazy over it and Xiang Min was worried that he'll get diarrhea after eating my cooking. -.- Sheesh! I can cook simple rice well ok? Hahas.

Here are more pictures of it~

Okay~ Sleep time for me. Early lesson tomorrow and 3 tests this week. Sigh~
Nites peeps! XDD

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