Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Shopping~ AHHHH!!!

I've been dreading to do my Christmas shopping this year. And time flew by so fast that now I'm in a panic for it. Argh~ The next few weeks I'm gonna be so so busy that I might not have time to do my Christmas shopping. Up till now, I still have thought of what to get for my friends! Shoots! Next week will still be my ICA week with projects and tests. Followed by a wedding to attend! Right after that is 'Hello to Pulau Ubin!' which is just a day before Christmas Eve. Now you know why I can't do any last minute Christmas shopping... unless anyone cares of Pulau Ubin exotic sands or water? WHahahahahaha!

Anyway, I'm back in my own bedroom now, dad and I removed my grandma's bed. Took a few pictures but lazy to transfer for now. Heehee. I have a new closet to put my stuff which are still in a mess. Soooo freaking tired, spent 3 hours plus redoing my room and its not even completed. It's just... live-able for now. There's still so many things I want like, a beanbag or a comfy armchair, a big mirror, a DVD player (getting that from my brother. whahahaha), a walk-in wardrobe(I wish!) and maybe more decor for my wall. Was contemplating whether to repaint my walls but I guess it will be too much of a hassle and expensive~ Hehex. Lots of injuries on me though. *K.O-ed*

Okie, back to studying for my test tomorrow~
And I love my new boots!! Both of them~!!! I finally got boots!!! WHEEEE!

Nites peeps!

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