Sunday, November 29, 2009


Whooosh! Boring day at home. Forgot to take DVDs from XM.. Heehee.
Anyway, there are so many pictures stuck in my camera~ Just transferred some over and guess what? Some bug or problem is preventing me from uploading it up on Facebook. Oh well~

As I said in my previous post before about my ice-cream therapy with Sherwinnnnnn!
We went for dinner and ice-cream at ION Swensens. Just nice they had a few promotions so we got a 1-for-1 ice-cream treat and some promotions for the main dishes too. Was seriously damn full after that. Freezing in there too. After that, we walked to Plaza Singapura as I wanted to go jalan there. On the way there, we spotted a shop full of UFO machines and those spinning machines. Having itchy hands, we tried our luck.

At the end of the day, Sherwin caught a silver Doraemon and gave it to me. Thanks Xiao Qiang! Hahas.. and me..... nothing! Sobs sobs. Depends on luck and skill bah~ Guess I had none of it that day. LOL.
Silver Doraemon~

At PS, we just went to take a look at DVDs, Etude House and Daiso to look for some stuff. Bought the emery board at Etude and got a free pink fluffy pen and some kind of mask. I've just used the mask on Friday night to try it out. 1st time putting on a mask. Pretty interesting..... and cold.... and wet. Hahas. The fluffy pen is cute and I feel kinda of bimbo whenever I use it. Whahahahaha!

Oh! And at Daiso, on our way to the cashier, we spotted this among the facial foam shelf.

A super long syringe. Looks freaking dangerous!
And here's Sherwin playing with it. Hahas.

Results of my short jalan @ PS

Some of my spoils from Watsons. Finally managed to buy my gel liner and blusher. Used my vouchers I got when I sign up for their membership card to get my liner and the face powder.

Look at the new ZA face powder packaging!
Its super nice and cute, not to say convenient since the casing is a mirror now. Super easy to use.

Oh, I got that Minnie from the Gashapon. The balloon version. I wanted the Halloween version but all out of stock. Oh well~

Next up: My Taobao shopping and me receiving the 1st batch of items.

The 'bomb' looking package that arrived at my house.
Here are some pictures of the items and my new loveeees!

The rest of the stuff belongs to a couple of my friends. Still haven't got a chance to pass to them and they are still rotting at my house. LOL.

Love my heels!~~ I had a nightmare about my nude pink heels. Only remembered the gist of the dream now. The ending was: No more nude pink heels!! Which gave me a shock when I woke up. Quickly went to check after that. Hahax.
Love my pink jacket loads too! Its so fluffy and niceeee! Thanks to it, lots of people have been asking me if they're able to join in the next spree I have. Heehee.
Haven't had a chance to wear out the other jackets but soon soon! It's 'winter' season now after all. What better chance to wear it now in Singapore right? Heex.

Some pictures of me in Winter Mode~! And some out of it. XDD

jO - Through the looking glass. =P

Me likey this shot. XDD

I had Yuki plushie with me that day as I was going to pass my Tohru costume to Trix after watching A Christmas Carol 3D with dear. So I had lots of barang with me that day as I had other stuff to pass to my classmates. Tiring~

And since I had Yuki with me, he shall take pictures! Well, I was bored at NYP Mac. Whahahaha. With silver Doraemon too.
Borredd @ Mac..

Okay, shall end off here~ Can't wait for tomorrow! Date with Xiang Min. Heehee!

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