Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Just came back not long from my mission hunt with XM.. I bought a new magenta dress for this Saturday. Guess I'll only need a white dress for December.. But..but.. I got my eyes on 1 dress I tried today.. Really like it loads!! But.... Oh well~ Dec still some way to go. Gotta wait longer. Hopefully by then it will be still there. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, I had so much fun and warmth in my new jacket today.. Heehee.. It just arrived yesterday and I washed it immediately. Thanks to my power washing machine, it managed to dry in time. Heex. My heels came too~ Love them~ Shall post up pics of them soon. Heex. Can't wait for my boots to arrive too. Hahax~

This weekend is gonna be busy~ Saturday is Daniel's wedding and Sunday is AFA!!! Can't wait for it. Contemplating if I should cosplay Mifuyu on that day.. Or just dress up in lolita.. Hrmm.. Which should I do? Uwaaahhh~

Okie~ gonna sleep now. Sick these few days.. Sore throat. sigh.. :(
Nites ppl!

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