Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life at work was fun with you gals..

Last friday was my last day of work at Singtel. Out of the 5 of us, only Emily stayed on till end of Dec so here's wishing her best of luck there without us to entertain her. Whahahahahaha!

During my work period there, here are some of the stuff that kept me awake. Heehee.

My usual breakfast~

A 1st month celebration. Super cute wrapping~!

Here are some pictures taken before we left~

The last group picture before 'Hello Yong Chai' went for reservice.
Left Picture: Left to right: Emily, Jo, Yan Min, Dawn, Miqbal, Ke Yuan, Yong Chai & Zhi Fa.
Don't you think the picture on the right looks like some dead family portrait? Whahaha.

Last day of work~

Emily was attempting an 'artistic' pose.. LOL

Mini Dawn! *Squash squash*

The 3 of us~ XD



Yan Min (Yami Yoghurt)


All together now~ Heehee.

I'll definitely miss all of them.

Dawn and her classic short answers and imitations.
Emily and her "Hor, shi hor?!"
Yan Min and her shopaholic addicts and 'momminess'.
Gladys and her lateness.

All of them are my crazy shopping mates! Spend so much due to you gals!! Especially Dawn and Yan Min. Whahahahaha!

Anyway, I left around 12 plus as I was not in a good mood and I didn't want to end my last day in a sour mood. So since XM managed to take half-day, I went off early too and met him at Vivo for jalan jalan~ Anyway, more of that in the next post. Don't want to flood this post with too many pictures~ Next post is gonna be about Swensens~! which will be soon.. heehee..XDDD

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