Saturday, November 14, 2009

Was upset but cheered up~

Was feeling kinda of upset this afternoon.. Was walking around FEP looking for something when the incident happened.. Won't say much about it and just let it float away~ =)

It saddens me but then again, this is life. This is reality. Stuff happens and it does for a reason. Just gotta accept it then. Well, I've learned my lesson now.

I feel that people got to put themselves into other people's shoes (not literally.. ), because only then, will you see the view from the other side. It's a simple theory. However, in reality, very few people do that. It's reality. Why? Ask yourself. =)

These past 2 weeks had been an hectic time for me. Both physically and emotionally. Guess the phrase, 日久见人心, is really true. Oh well~ Learn from it and move on. XDD

I've just ordered a 2nd batch of items from Taobao through the agent~ Heehee. My 1st batch of items is currently flying over. Most probably it will reach next Tuesday.. Wheeeee~! Winter wear is coming. This parcel was delayed due to items going OOS thus I had to find alternative sellers. Anyway, this is a combined order among me and my few friends.

For me, I have many people asking me if I have lobangs to many different things. (I think I have the word LOBANG written on my forehead.... Do I?) So when I do, I'll definitely let my friends know. Since it is something I can help them with, why not? Good things should be shared among friends right? Agree?

So, I guess the next time people wants to join in my shopping order, I'll have to explain lots of thingy to them~ I don't wish for this type of trivial matters to spoil any relationship we have. Or like what my other friend advised me, "Just leave these type of people out of it and not tell them anything" (Referring to the incident)

Oh well~ Hopefully my 2nd batch of order won't have any problems and things will run smoothly~ Heehee. It contains lots of boots, wedges and shoes~! Not all are mine though. XDDD

Just a note here, I'm not organizing sprees for business purposes. I just happened to want to order stuff and if there are interested friends who wish to hop on to it, they're welcomed~

Okie, I'm feeling seh seh now.. Almost time to sleep~ Thanks to everyone who were concerned about me. Thanks XM~


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