Sunday, November 29, 2009



Today was going all well, a superb day, lovely, wonderful, all great..... before I reached home.

Upon reaching home, got nagged and scolded by my dad for reaching home too late, spending too much time outside, dressing up nicer than before and spending my money.

1) Reaching home too late: Only like once in a blue moon I'll reach home after 10.30pm. Okay, he's worried about me. I understand.

2) Spending too much time outside: I'll try to be at home at least 1 full day or evening every week. Thing is, there is no family bonding even if I'm home because, everyone is just shut in their own room most of the time. And I want a life too. But, oh well, next~

3) Dressing up nicer: Okkkaaay, that is a crime in my father's opinion. He feels that I should just wear jeans and tees and that is good enough. Because if you dress up too nicely, people will wonder what kind of person you are and wonder if you are doing shady business or an hooker!

4) Spending money: I do know that I cannot spend too much and should save too. But indulgence once in a while is a good thing too. I've worked that hard for it and I can't spend a single cent. You're kidding right??? Well, I guess not.

Anyway, these are just what happened upon reaching home and thanks to it, my great day became a not-so-great day. Like Freeeeaaakkkk!!! Was super upset. I mean I did my part to study hard so why am I not allowed a life outside. Might as well just lock me up if you wish for me to just study and study and study and...... still study. Right???? Everyone needs their own relaxation time, their leisure, their friends. You have prawning and friends there, I have my own group of friends. So what is the difference? And seriously, I'm 19. I'm not 13 anymore. I know the most of the consequences of the decisions I make, so why can't you trust me? I know what I want to do with my life. I know how to take care of myself. So why? Why can't you just trust me???!!!! I know you're worried, but if you're refusing to let me try out and be independent, I won't be able to learn. Sigh~

Urgh!! Oh well. I've finished venting my frustration out and all, guess I should sleep soon.

Thinking over it, I'm still happy over the events that happened for the past 2 days. Really enjoyed them loads and hearing it from you, it made me super happy! Thanks so much dear! Even though things were unpleasant in the night, but I still grateful and glad for the things that happened in the day! And tadaaa.. Superb by day, Unpleasant by night.

Okok, this shows that my brain is getting tired soon. Nights people. Shall post about what happened the past week or so soon! Heehee.


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