Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome Home~

What is the best thing someone ever said to you?

Or maybe made an huge impact on you.

I guess some would say it's the famous three words: 

I love you

But to me, recently I found out what really impacted me a lot are these two simple words:

Welcome home~

Simple ya?

So simple and yet it can affect me so greatly. For me now, these words matter more to me than any declarations of love. Or maybe I'm just being cynical of the word 'love'. To me, the word 'love' is overused in today's times. Even for myself, I'll often ask, what is love?

How do you distinguish 'like', 'love', 'lust' and 'infatuation'?

Don't ask me to google it. =.= 

Anyway, back from digressing, why do I mention the importance of this now?

Because, recently, someone important to me who I respect greatly too said these two words to me. Well, three if you add in my name at the back but ya. 

When I heard these words, I just felt, 

'Oh yea, I'm home again. This is where I'm accepted for who I am and people who cares for me.'

Okay, it's not with a nonchalant tone but I was deeply touched when I heard those words directed at me. I feel accepted again. I mean, how many times have you heard those words? Somehow, I don't hear it frequently. Maybe it's due to growing up in an Asian culture where feelings aren't openly shown and as far as I can remember, the only indications my parents gave when they know I'm home are:


I'm not saying that I do not feel love from them but it just so happens that whenever I return home, they're busy with work or so and maybe within a family, it doesn't seem that important to say such greetings.

But I'm telling ya, it makes a difference!

Try saying these words to the next family member when they reach home. I'm not saying that it will have an impact on them immediately where a spotlight suddenly shines on you but it will slowly affect them. But if the next family member is an irritating sibling, you can skip it. Pssft. >.> I doubt I'll ever say it to my brother.

Alright! Ignore that last piece of 'advice'. Be nice to everyone, even if it's an irritating brother sibling. 

I wanted to do this post up earlier but I was kinda of overwhelmed with feelings. Somehow I'm a very very emotional person which is both a good and bad thing. More on that next time. So why overwhelmed?

Hearing someone said that he/she has never given up on me was and that was because he/she knew I would eventually find my way back. That was enough to make my tears fall. 

Upon hearing those words, I didn't know what to say. I feel like just saying thanks would not suffice at all. But deep down, I know what I have to do. Be there for them just as they are for me and most importantly, do not disappoint the people who care so much for me again. 

I've felt quite lost at times, being caught up in the hectic life of a undergraduate and feeling like life is just all about academic. Remember what I said about finding back who i really am, the crazy, fiery & 'blunt' person in my birthday post? I think I'm able to start on that search mission again.

Somehow, I feel like the prodigal son who has just returned home. He returned home not because he had nowhere to go, but because he knew that deep down, there is no place like home. As cliche as it sounds, this is what I'm feeling right now.

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