Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sleeping experiments~

I'm up so early on a Saturday!


Well, not really that amazing since I'm up early to study. Ya, right after this 
blog post. =X

Another reason why I'm up is due to the fact that I've been adjusting and experimenting with my biological clock. Like adjusting my alarms to a certain cycle to see whether there are any effects. So far, I've been feeling more energetic and definitely remembering more dreams recently.

Energetic, good.

Dreams, uhhh~ Not a good or bad thing I guess

My dreams for the past week have sorta been similar. Same person, similar themes. I might actually be happy IF only I didn't have to wake up and find out it's all just a dream. (And gosh, this sentence sounds like a line from a primary school composition.)

And this is the part where I insert the really cheesy line:

I rather have you plaguing my dreams than to have you out of my mind.

*shudders* Ok, end of cheesy time! Hahahaha!

I'll be experimenting more sleep habits after Thursday! I can't wait for it to arrive! That's when my summer starts! 19th April, 1030!

Alright! Back to studies! Gonna bake some yummilicious cookies later! Hopefully like what they say, third time's the charm. =D

Leaving you peeps with this song cover, Safe & Sound by TeraBrite. Introduced by Sherwin.

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