Monday, April 9, 2012

Whazznots I've been up to~

And with that, the long weekend is over. 


But then, this weekend was really fulfilling for me! And I shall tell you why it was so.

I spent Good Friday at Ban Theng's Birthday Celebration which was BBQ style and he managed to roped quite a few of us as his slaves for that day, especially poor Sherwin who had to be the chauffeur for his goods. Tsk tsk.

Random picture of me going out~ 
Dyed my hair the night before. I don't think it's as golden/bright as before but it's not the colour that I had hoped for. T^T

Met Ban, Kim Kai, Theam Huat & Sherwin earlier to go prep some stuff, like the setting up of fire.

Which was really hilarious as the night before, the few of us were discussing what was the quickest way to set up the fire.......... and the convo contains bits & pieces of 

- Burning newspaper
- Lots of google links
- Collecting twigs for the BBQ
- Going to MRT station & collect all the Today newspaper (ok, that was a lame joke by me. =3=)
- Some doughnut fire setting technique.

But ya, you get the point. =.=

And in the end, the one who set up the fire was..... 

None other than Ban' mum. LOL!

And while she was setting up one BBQ pit, you can just turn around and see 5 guys huddled over the other pit trying to set the fire/maintain it. LOL. 

Auntie FTW! 

Hahahaha! In the end, Auntie managed to set it up faster I think.

Guys hard at work~

Birthday boy being busy~

Me enjoying my eye-power seat & Kinder Joy~

Don't you think the Chrysanthemum tea looks like cooking oil?

Lovely marshmallows cooked by KK~ *yums*

Ban's 1 year 3 days of milo supply & Milo balloon from Shaun & Katie!
 Look at how happy Ban is grinning. Hahahaha!
 Apparently the two of them had to go compete with lots of small kids to get the balloon. Hahahah! EFFORT!

And of course, it wouldn't do to end off the celebration without some alcohol which Sherwin has so generously provided and poured. Hahahaha!

Look at the line of people waiting to have a toast with the birthday boy! 
And there's where it ends, at least for this blog post. *winks*

All in all, it was a really great day, being able to meet up with lots of people I've not seen for some time and also knowing some new ones. That's all from me for now regarding Part I of my long weekend, stay tuned for Part II though I have no idea when that will be. Muahahahaha!

Hope everyone had a great rest during the weekend & is all fired up for this week!


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