Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yea, I should really be blogging more often.


But then again, I'm just too lazy and tend to procrastinate too much. And as I've been using Twitter again, I find that all my thoughts that I wish to post about are all u there. Though it's only 140 words but, oh well, I'll make do with it! Hah!

So follow me on Twitter if you want to be updated with my nonsensical thoughts.

Maybe, I'll just give a few updates since I'm here. *grins*

School's been busy. Nothing new there. Surprisingly, I'm almost done with my projects. I'm left with just 1 project left and my Psych paper. However, this project is the bane of my semester as it is Finance. Urgh. Hopefully I'll be able to be bff with it soon. Hmm, can't really see it happening anytime soon. Bah!

Since the hectic-ness of school has more or less decreased, I'm currently trying to rush my driving lessons. My aim is to be able to get my license by June? Maybe July. I must get it by Festival of Praise 2012! Then I can be the chauffeur for my church kids! Hahahaha! How nice of me! Thanks to Kim, I've realised that having a car is really convenient and you get to go to tons of places that you don't really go to!

Like for example, when Clinton came to Singapore 2 weeks ago, Kim was our chauffeur! Hahaha! We went to Dempsey & Holland V. My 1st time there as both places were not exactly that accessible through public transport. Love the ambiance of those 2 places. I'm definitely going back there once I get my license.

Was so glad to meet my Aussie relatives again! We only get to meet once every 3-4 years? Really missed them so much! It's fun having relatives in many different countries but when it comes to family-filled festivals, kinda of hard to meet. Like Chinese New Year. I've only spent 1 Chinese New Year with them before!

Actually, scratch that. They left just before CNY, so I doubt it's considered!

Anyway, here's a picture of my nephew and I! Handsome fella!

He's older than me by a year but in terms of those family level, I'm a generation higher. He's really awesome with cameras! Didn't manage to meet my crazy cousin this time round, a.k.a. his mum but looking forward to meeting her soon! Met my other cousin and her family. Her sons are damn cute! I'm super envious of their long lashes and gosh, they look just like Chicken Little! Not exactly the finest compliment but they really do!

Can't wait till the next big reunion again!

Besides reuniting with my relatives, I've been slightly busier with the Youth Fellowship this time round. And I'm glad to say that we are growing more and more each day. The kids are taking up more responsibility and soon, I won't be able to call them my kids anymore. Kinda of sad.

But yea, last Friday, we had our 1st youth fellowship for this year and it was a blast! I felt that the gap between the senior and junior youths are slowly closing and this is a start! A start for us to get to know each other better!
I love God and I really want to thank Him for giving me such a wonderful family. Giving me extra siblings since I was a kid and now, giving all of us younger siblings!

Some crazy things Joy started, we continued and ended off with her.

Besides school, driving and church, I have my own fangirl stuff! Been watching a new anime, Inu X Boku SS. Not bad, reminds me of Kaichou!

Hahaha! Soushi is <3!~

Oh! And the trailer for Kenshin live-action movie is out!

Can't wait!

And speaking of live-action and fangirl stuff, I can't wait for Bu Bu Jing Xin sequel to start filming this August! Ahh~ Hopefully we get to see snippets of what's going on in the filming! But first, I think I can get my drama fix from LSS's new drama, Da Mo Yao. Also written by Tong Hua and from the pictures that's been posted so far, 2 words - Looking Good!

Sometimes, it kinda of upsets me about how people rave about BBJX after it aired on Channel 8. Then again, it's just me. I just kinda of feel that the show is 'violated' in some ways. Can't really explain it but I guess is the over-craziness of the drama fan in me.

Alright, I don't think I have anything much left to update. I think I do need to take time out during my holidays to sort out photos and blog about some notable events. Like my 21st birthday (hopefully it won't be a 1 year delayed post), my China trip, etc.


Speaking of trips! I've booked my tickets for Bangkok in July! Yes! I'm going there! Shopping Mission: Buy 100 pieces of items! I'm not kidding! Really. I'm planning to go with an empty luggage. Not going to bring any clothes except for the outfit that I'm wearing there. Hahaha! Gonna go there for around a week with Xin Lei. Might be joined halfway by Xin Ru & Xin Yi! It's gonna be so awesome! Jasmine Ang & her boyf are flying up too! Oh yea!~ Shopping timeeee!

I'm curbing almost all of my shopping now just for the July trip!

Okay, I shall go let myself get crazy over Bangkok for tonight and start preparing my assignments tomorrow. If you have any good tips about Bangkok, please let me know. Like how to bargain, how to not get scammed (especially by cabs), or what are the must-go places in Bangkok! Tweet, email, comment or anything!

Bangkok, bangkok~

P.S. Click on the ads if you're free~ =D

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