Thursday, March 29, 2012

USS - Us Siao Sillies!

Pardon me, that title is not conjured during one of my more genius moments.

So, as the title states, this post is about USS!~ 
Maybe I should do up the post of me in Disneyland. Though it's just Hong Kong Disneyland, nothing fabulous but still, IT'S DISNEYLAND!!
Okay, back to USS~ Kim and I decided to go there early this year as a day for us to chillax and catch up before our hectic school life takes over whatever remaining social life we have. It was also considered a really late 21st birthday celebration/present for her. Like really late! It wasn't our 1st time there, I think we both went once before, Kim with her family while I went with my Uni friends, Hui Ying, Jon & Eugene.

We went on a weekday which is equivalent to no horrible crowds! As Kim was more familiar with the place, for once, she was my tour guide. =D

We grabbed breakfast at this diner joint which she recommended. Food was pretty good but what I like about the place was the awesome layout and decoration~

I guess I always have a thing for American diner style.

Caught a nice hair flip from Kim~ *Loreal*
During breakfast, we started planning our route for USS~ And this time round, I think I managed to fully enjoy the attractions in USS.

Kim and I caught the musical, the Monster Rock. It's pretty good! Hahaha! Should try to catch it if you can, they have quite a few showings.

One thing I really like is walking down the Hollywood streets of USS. It helps create a soothing feeling for me and I can imagine myself walking down the actual streets. 

Of course, there are mascots that are always there to entertain us!
The famous PO! 


As CNY was approaching, Kim and I decided to rub his belly for 'cai'. (Cai means wealth) Just kidding~ =P
We saw the Joker running around. hiding behind bins and jumping out now and then to randomly scare passerby. Gotta say, he was really into his role.
Oh yea, check out Kim and my new car! Hahaha! I so wish that that was my car.


And if you see Bumblebee, you get to see...... OPTIMUS PRIME! Wooooohooo! I think I was damn excited when I realize that there was a  Optimus Prime mascot. I was running and jumping to the line and was totally disappointed when the staff told me that I had to wait for the next session. But still, I managed to rush back for the next Meet & Greet session and got my photo with Optimus! =D


Some of the other random mascots around.


We didn't really meant to take a photo with the guy on stilts but then, he was walking around alone and just seemed kinda of sad, so oh well, might as well right?
That's roughly all the mascots that we managed to meet. Was quite sad that I didn't get to see Puss in Boots. ヽ(´□`。)ノ

For the rides, the main one we both wanted to choing for is latest ride: TRANSFORMERS! Thank goodness it was a weekday and the queue was really short and we managed to go on it twice! The ride, is just awesome! Though you might get a little dizzy and at the end of the ride, you MIGHT end up with a sore neck. Kim and I both did. 

The next one that I really wanted to go was the B
attlestar Galactica  Roller Coasters! But Kim, having been on it before advised me not to right after our meal 'cos we will feel quite woozy after that. Which was really kinda of true! I felt so 'floaty' after the 1st coaster but we still rushed for the 2nd one right after that! Woohoo~ The ride is really awesome~ Thank goodness there wasn't any crowd and we got front seats for both coasters! This is a must-sit ride! But not after a full meal~ ^_^

We skipped some of the rides, mainly those in Madagascar town as they were more suited for kiddos~ We actually went on the children roller coaster at Far Far Away just for laughs. Kim and I got the whole roller coaster to ourselves! Hahaha! She video-ed down the whole process when we were on the ride and it was just so darn funny.

That day was a really fortunate day for us at USS! When I went to USS previously, the water ride, Jurassic Park Rapids, closed down that very day and was not opened..... until that day we went! We were so exhilarated when we spotted some people in the ride when we were 'flying' over it! Kim was in such a hurry to dash over that she actually left her slippers behind! Whahaha! The ride was really good but I thought the one at Genting is much better~

We took our time to walk around and managed to went twice for the rides that we enjoy~ I met one of my primary school mate there and it was amazing that he recognize me. And it was kinda of scary how he got my attention. It went:
Kai Xun: Joanna! 
* Oblivious and deaf Jo* 
Kai Xun: JOANNA!
Jo: *turns 1 round* Did anyone call me?

*stares at the group of army guys on the Mummy Roller Coaster*
Just before the ride left, 
Kai Xun: JOANNA!

And so, there was I trying to figure out who yelled my name and had no clue! How could I differentiate my friend, who I have not seen in years in a group of army guys? Hahaha! Later, I only found out when he texted me. Pssft!I told him I thought a mummy was calling out to me. 

Another interesting show that you just gotta watch is the WaterWorld Stuntshow! 


Their enthusiasm, stunts and playfulness are just so, WOAH! Prepare to get wet! No matter where you're seated at! Kim and I were kinda of gungho, so we sat at the 1st row. It was really fun! Halfway in the show, one of the guys came up to me and hugged me! He was trying to hide from the others so I had to play along. Shan't spoil it for anyone who has yet to watch but it's awesome! 
We spend most of our time, we walked around, enjoying the view. That day was pretty hot so we decided to splurge and get ourselves potion bottles! Tadaaa! 


Being my retarded self~ 

Some other random photos here:

Welcome to my future palace~

Oh! We spotted this lady drying her clothes and look at her inventive way! Hahaha!

We spotted the Reese mascot after exiting USS and just had to take a picture with it. 


And after I tried 'eating' it, the people who were queuing behind us did the same pose. Ahh~ Sorry Reese!
It was a really great but tiring day~ Managed to have a good catch-up session with Kim! Much thanks to Kim's mom and brother, Don for driving me home~ Can't wait for the next one! Cheers to our strong friendship and may it ever grow and never break! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ


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