Friday, March 23, 2012

Friends that keep me alive~

I'm trying to consistently blog. Maybe it would help me in expressing my feelings better. Not that I had trouble with them before, especially the negative ones but it's better not to keep things bottled up inside. Had this epiphany when I was discussing some stuff with my Uni friends. Topic was 'Tactful or Fake?'. Well, we did not exactly came up with that topic statement but our content were revolving around that and I thought that it was pretty interesting to ponder upon. After an hour or so of discussing, we saw things from different perspectives and it was really brain-stimulating in some sense. So I thought I would share it out here. What are your views about tact? To what extent would you consider a behaviour 'fake'?

School's coming to an end soon. Week 11 is over and only a few more weeks before my exams start.

But every cloud has a silver lining and in this case, it means that I'm finally gonna have a life again! It will be time to catch up with friends, do the things that I've been longing for, dramas, read, beach and.................... BANGKOK TRIP!!! Oh yea!

Yeaps, I know I've been rattling on about my July BKK trip since the past few posts but I'm just so dmn excited! And you can bet your hair I'll still mention it in the upcoming posts. =D

Anyway, was trying to clear space in my iPhone and com and realised, I have tons of photos that have yet to see the light and I was thinking, I shall just stuff everything into my blog. =^_^=

So as I was sorting out my photos, I saw some old photos too which made me go:( ゚ Д゚)

It's amazing how people can change. In this case, I mean physically. Looking back at a certain collection of photo I have, I'm always amazed.

Like Joy would always mention, "Why didn't you tell me how horrible I look?"

Well, gotta say, I guess I had little or zilch fashion sense at the age of 6? Hahahaha! But look at her now, big change! Woah! 

Photo took from her FB and nah, she's not a mother yet. Just wanted to put a deceiving photo up!

Another collection of photos that will always bring a smile to my face is of my secondary school mates. The way we look and the crazy things we did, oh gosh. Endless!

I found neoprints of Kim and I in 2005? Oh gosh, horrendous. Not going to post it up or Kim might kill me. Actually, I think I might just do it myself.

Secondary school, those were the days. Days where I met some of the best people in my life. Not just the classmates I had, but the teachers. Well, I gotta say, I started having more confidence in myself thanks to the teachers. Sounds really cliche but it's true. Thanks to the mini outburst flare-up that I had in Sec 3, I found friends who were willing to stick by me. (≧∇≦)

Oh gosh, i feel so sentimental now.

Hahaha! Hope that didn't freak you out! Yea, I decided to upload some photos of a previous meet-up that I had with my 3 awesome girlfriends!

Looking back, it has been 10 years since we know each other.

KIM! 10 years since we've been pestering each other!

10 years & counting..
 Though it has been known that we do not show our affections for each other in the conventional way but still, we managed to survive the horror build up a strong and unique friendship~

Up to this day, even though we don't meet each other as often but whenever we do, we're able to talk like old times and this is one of the things I'm grateful to God. He blessed me with these 3 awesome gals in my life and through them, I've managed to grow even closer to Him. So without further ado, I present to you,

Kimby, Sarah & Evan!
Love these girls and I missed them so. I can't wait till we're all done with school and organize a meet-up again!

Sarah, up to her old tricks.

Evan, looking psychotic-fun!

And Kim, trying to look stern but not having much success~

Like I said, old times. As crazy as ever~

I guess we've really grown. Each of us embarking on different paths now. Can you believe that she's going to be a teacher in the future? Hahaha! 

Oh yea, I mentioned in my previous post that I'm taking driving lessons now~ I came across these photos which I took in the past when I was in Kim's car.

She has a row of dogs on her dashboard and goodness know how long it has been there. She claims it was left there by her brother but I bet she's secretly enjoying the torture they had.

Look at the colour difference!

And this is supposed to be a dalmatian. =.=
Poor doggies~ Imagine there's 1 whole row of them.

Oh, and she had a mini car accident the 1st time she drove me around. She caused the loss of an eyeball. 

That poor frog rolled down from the dashboard and fell to its death. We mourn the loss of it till this day.

Alright, I hope these photos entertain you as much as they were to me. =D Abrupt ending as my stomach senses Dad's awesome cooking and is starting to sing!

On a side note, I can't wait to catch Hunger Games with Sherwin, Leen & BT tomorrow! Woots! 

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