Friday, March 30, 2012

How will I measure MY life?

Today was the last lesson with my Management of People at Work (MPW) Professor. He posed us this question last week:

How will you measure your life?

There was an article regarding this by Clayton Christensen where he answers this question with 3 more questions:

1) How can I be sure that I'll be happy in my career?
2) How can I be sure that my relationships with my spouse and my family become an enduring source of happiness?
3) How can I be sure I'll stay out of jail?

I think all these 3 questions are really relevant, even the last one. Maybe some of us might just dismiss the 3rd question but don't. You never know what happens in life.

Christensen also talked about how important it is to know what is the purpose of your life and that, it might be the most valuable thing you ever learn. He goes on by saying that the knowledge we gain from our academics will be applied occasionally in our future but we will definitely apply our knowledge of the purpose of our lives everyday. 

That sentence had a great impact on me and just got me thinking. What is the purpose of my life? I know that ultimately whatever I do, it is for the glorification of God but what is the thing I can do best?

Hopefully I can get an answer soon.

I typed out quite a long essay regarding these 2 main questions. Maybe I'll post it up next time~

But in regards to the career-happiness question, I remember a quote that my mum always say,

"I have the best job in the world. I am paid to do what I love best."

As for the relationship-happiness question, my family are my parents now and that's all I can see now in regards to my future. Whether I will have a spouse, I have no idea. But as for my friends, they are definitely my family too. 

So, with these questions, I leave you peeps with one last quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that is kept close to my heart.

"Happiness is not a's a by-product of a life well lived.”

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