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I'm opening a quick spree for apparels & bags now~! So if anyone wanna place an order, do send me the links/items that you wish to purchase to my email~! Do note that there will be agent fee for my agent who is helping me in China and also international & domestic shipping! If you're unsure of the prices, just email me the link and I can help you calculate. Heehee.

Just to note: If the supplier or agent runs away with the money, I will not be liable for it~ But touch wood la, I've dealt with my agent loads of times le.

For the price, it is in RMB so do multiply it with 0.223. Remember to add in the domestic shipping that is stated on the webpage~!

Here are some of the links I usually frequent. Just click on the images to access it!

For bags, one of the highly raved shops in the online realm.

PG Mall!

I personally own one of it and am loving it~! Lots of my friends have purchased it before.

For Apparels:


Blythe Zoo

Tokyo Fashion



All of these are my favourite shops especially Vjeni, JJS & B Zoo~! Closet is like full of their clothes. Heehee.

If you're interested in other shops on Taobao, do let me know and we can see if is great to bring it in. For the guys, I'm still doing research on men's apparel and still finding reliable and good shops for it, so if you happen to be doing some online shopping and found something that you love, do let me know and we can share it all here~! Hahaha!

Some details regarding the spree~

It will close on 14th March 2010.
Payment to be in by 15th March 2010.
Lack/Delay of payment will result in failure of order. (To be fair to all, that's the rule.)
Payment through POSB/DBS transfer. If you have neither, do let me know and I'm sure we'll be able to work something out ya? XDD
Items will reach me in around a month's time.

Oh yea! Do let me know if you wish to receive your items through registered/normal postage or meet-ups which is to convenience.

Okie~ That's all for the spree!

Another thing that I just wanted to check. Trixy showed me a website with some really cute and nice cosmetics called Candy Doll. Looks really nice and we're both tempted to get it along with Eileen. However, it is a little pricey and we've checked all that Singapore does not bring in the brand. We managed to find an alternative and so I'm just checking to see if anyone is interested before starting a spree on it.

Loose Powder

Lip Gloss & Lip Concealer

Blusher (Dark Pink, Light Pink & Violet)

Loose Powder will be around $35 - $40.
Lip Gloss/Concealer will be around $25 - $30.
Blusher will be around $30 - $35.

The estimation of prices would be around this as it might vary according to the response and also shipping~ However, the variation wouldn't be far from here. XDD

So do let me know if you're interested by leaving a comment or emailing me.

Oh yea~! After typing for soooo long, I just realised, I forgot to type in my email here! Whahahaha!

Do email your orders to with the subject, 'Spree Order' along with your mailing details and contact information.

For enquiries, do either leave a comment or email me too~

And on a special note, if you're all dolled & dressed up, don't forget to accessorize yourself ya? Hop over to Trixy's blog as she has just opened a spree for hair accessories! Heehee! I got loads of hair ribbons~

Okie~ Sleep time for me! I can't wait to receive my items!!! Shopping is love, isn't it? XDD

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