Friday, March 19, 2010


I can't believe that in another 7 more days I'll be going to Hong Kong!~ Okie, that's what I've been harping on for a few days. It's getting closer and closer~ I've just checked all the weather forecasts and it seems that the date that we're going, the temperature range is from 13 degrees to 22 degrees! WOOOTS!! I'm gonna love the cold weather. Just hope it doesn't keep raining. Heehee.

My fun is gonna start on Thursday where Jean will be staying overnight~ Gonna sleep early like 10+ so that the next day will seem to arrive faster and I'll be wide awake on our 1st day there~
I hope the plane has some entertainment for our 3 hours + flight there.. if I'm not wrong. Heehee.

I can foresee busy-ness in the next few days before my trip. Tomorrow is out with Jean in the morning, meeting Danny & Leen in the afternoon and my dear boyf in the night. I mean later on.. judging at the timing I'm typing this.
Meeting them all for different agenda~ hahahaha!

I'm gonna watch 'To Kill A Mockingbird' on Saturday!~ Wheeee! I'm looking forward to it. Plus I'll be catching 'Kaiji' with boyf before that too. Well, maybe, if we decide to watch it. 2 shows in 1 day. O.O No choice thanks to the timings they have.

Sunday & Monday is probably slack day. And to catch up on my job hunt. =X

Tuesday is gonna be a nerve wrecking day and the day that determines my future. My final result will be out in the morning and also my interview with SMU!!!! Yess!! They called me recently and asked me to go for an interview this coming Tuesday~ Woots! I was super happy! I gotta go through some English Proficiency Test that made me went O.O when I 1st heard it. I hope my English skills are still intact. Hahax.
And one thing about SMU, they're super duper efficient! They managed to find my twitter account after they called me. I was like super amazed to find out that they're following me on twitter and even send a congratulatory tweet to me for being shortlisted. Like 'WOAH'!
I really hope I'll ace that interview and get into SMU. Lots of people have been asking me to go to SMU (esp Stef) and also NTU. I'm still choosing but majority of my heart is bent on SMU. XDD

Wednesday... I think I got something on but I can't remember. Shucks. My memory is failing me. Packing, maybe?

Thursday is packing time, slacking at home and meeting Xiang Min (most probably?) Heehee~

Friday is byebye time till next Thursday~ I hope I'll be able to get internet there. Jean might be bringing her lappy along so might be able to access certain things. I heard there's wifi at Disneyland lobby so that sounds good for my iTouch~ Heehee.

Okie dokie~ I shall go off to sleep, hopefully I can. Nites people!

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