Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feeling Fortunate~!

I'm blogging more recently ya? hahahaha!

Gonna post up some photos of the past few days:

Taken with my Lolly so pictures are of only 3MP and below. =p

Went to BBQ Chicken with Jun & Sandy the night before the celebration. The customer service was gooood! The manager is funny and super nice. Hahahaha!

The chicken was AWESOME!

Like seriously good! I couldn't bear to finish it. Gonna bring XM to try it one day.

We bought Kasper too! Cousin of Casper.. Ok, just kidding. Hahax, it's some weird shaped ice-cream from Walls. Pretty nice but melts damn fast!

Got my new hat from there too~ Love it loads and got it at a really good deal. XDD

The number of orh-cheahs I got in 1 single day there. =(

Camwhored a little @ XM's house before going out the next day~

Oh ya, and I met up with Kim for a short while today in Church too~
Got some random stuff to eat & drink~

Gonna meet up again this Wednesday! Hopefully we'll be able to go find Thomas too! XDD


Okie~ Main reason why I felt like blogging suddenly was that, I felt fortunate! Haha. I'm being really random I guess. Just finished watching The Time Traveler's Wife and teared quite a lot. Did a bit of thinking throughout and also wondered about how I would have reacted knowing something like my death in advance. The situation where you know that something bad is gonna happen but you can't do anything. Helpless like a baby.

The show was nice. Different from the book but it's still nice.

Another reason is for me feeling fortunate is the things that are happening around me.

Really great to catch up with friends from Sec/Poly/Church , Family and etc. Someone asked me a question regarding the number of true friends I think I have in my life now and I answered 13.

Which is a lot I think. Since most people's reaction were like 'WAH!'

Oh well~

Another thing that makes me happy is being together with my boyfriend~

I found out that simple actions and things can make me feel all bubbly inside and cheery too~

These are the 1st pictures that we took together on Lolly which is like, yesterday?~ Hahahaha. Super long time since we zilian huh?

It's hard to get him to take photos with me. =P

Love my new lenses. EOS King Size Brown~

Gonna get more this time before the supplier takes a break so for all of you out there who are interested in getting colour contacts, do let me know soon!

$20 per pair for yearly lenses w/wo degrees.

Drop me a sms/msn/facebook/tweet/tag or whatsoever if you're interested. XDD (So many ways of communication!)

Ending it off with this~


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