Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Piccies~

Can't seem to fall asleep now so decided to clear my camera's memory card~

Had a gooood evening nap just now~ The weather is so nice for napping nowadays~

Brrr~ And cold~

Went out with Leen recently and had mix-mix ice cream at Sunshine Plaza~ Super long since we went there.

We just walked around Cineleisure, 313, etc.. Somehow, I feel that there is nothing much to shop about in Orchard these few days. Maybe it's due to the fact that I always go there. Hahaha!
Anyway, we stopped by Cineleisure to shop and it was a pit stop for us too. Mainly Leen. She took a powernap there la~ Left me alone and bored. So I took some pictures.

Hah! She didn't know I took her picture.

Oh yea, as I was cam-whoring, I realised that the background seemed kinda of creepy thanks to her hair. I kept thinking that it was a wig. Sheesh~

Felt super tired after that day~ Actually, these few days seem so tiring~

Which is why today I decided to stay at home and rest. Though my mom keeps nagging me about some stuff regarding my uni and Hong Kong.

Ahhh~ I still have loads of time before the trip to start packing~! Pointless packing now when I might still need the clothes ya? Sigh~

Oh well~ At least today we managed to get some stuff we needed like locks and labels. And I finally got a new swimsuit. Like finally! The last time I got was like in Secondary 2 I think. Ancient sia.

Ahhh~ Okie. Feeling bit tired now.

Oh yea, found these 2 pictures in my handphone. LOL!

Chiang the Chicken~!

Kim giving me the death stare. Whahaha!

Time to sleep now~ Long day tomorrow. Going shopping with Stan in Bugis.

Nites people!~~

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