Friday, September 1, 2006


Today was crazy!!!! After physics, a group of us that consisted of Jabez, Anand, bgoh, Edwin, Garry, Chao Yi, Kah Poh, Kim and I, decided to take some videos. We went onto teletubbies hill and the guys decided to do a drug scene and it was damn funny...lols...Garry was supposed to whack Edwin but in the end, all of them whacked him...hahas..after that, they ran down the hill prancing and holding hands at e same time..lols..we went back to school to brainstorm and play cards there.Afterwards we ran around the school compound, kp and cy left and the rest of us took videos at different places. bgoh got a shock at his weight.lols..We had fun swinging the rope, one of the small elements, some of them acted out titanic, couples doing some hanky-panky stuff there, playing with the great wall and poor jabez fell..hahas.
Had fun playing with the recycling bins and the guys decided to become pirates using the cones and were fighting halfway when the guard cam to chase us. Later, when walking to the bus stop, they decided to do catwalk and stuff and went to eat at causeway. Plenty of fun there, a kid saw jabez at the foodcourt and his mouth was wide open and his food just dropped out of his mouth..lols...We certainly laughed till we had no more energy.lols..
It wa quite fun, i edited the video but it is just a draft, the photos are up but i can't put it in the forum lest Ms Santha gets it, so anyone who wants it please get it from me. Thanks...
It is a super crazy day!!!!!~

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