Thursday, June 16, 2011

All I Want...

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth my birthday is....

I really have no idea.

Yes, truly.

Normally I would be looking forward to my gifts. However this year, I can't seem to think of anything I really want. No matter how hard I think, nothing seems to come to mind.

Many have been asking me what would I like to get and the 1st time I was faced with that question, I froze. I really had no idea what I would like this year.

What's different this year is that I'm able to celebrate my birthday with most of my friends. Friends from different cliques who all gave me special and unique memories. Memories that I will forever cherish. Knowing that they are able to make it for this special day makes me really happy. I'm glad that they are taking time to come down and it will also be a time where we can catch up with each other too. Looking so damn forward to that day! XDD

As said in previous posts, been doing up the preparations for my celebration and glad to say it's almost done.

Caterers - Checked!
Cake - Checked!
Dress - Checked!
(Thanks Jon for accompanying me to shop. I know it's torture to you. Heex)
Games - Checked!
(Yay! Thanks to Nicky & Denise for their rockband & Wii! :D)

All I'm left is to do/design the guest book (OH! The horror of me designing it! Gasp!), some decorations and loads of balloons!! XD

Anyway, thinking through, I kinda of know what I really want but I guess I'll get it on my own with any spare money from my salary. Yeaps, I have already decided how I'm gonna spend my salary. Not shopping, but on activities that I've wanted to try! Planning to go for diving and horseback riding this coming semester and I have kaki to go along! Wheee! Finally going to go sign up for them this year.

Oh yea, back to the topic.

I'm hoping to change my camera. Had this old camera for around 4 years? I think. Bought it from my Dad when he got his new camera so I guess it's almost time for me to change a new one. Been grumbling about my sucky camera for a year but never had the cash to change it. Maybe my salary would allow me to finally get it done. XD Hopefully a Lumix. Saw Sean's Lumix last year when we were on our Vietnam trip and it was really nice. Dang! Am so jealous. Hahaha!

Though I guess if I can't get the camera, I'll settle for my charm bracelet. DIY! Planning to go to Arab street and buy the different charms from there! Got my eyes on a few for quite some time so I shall go down 1 day to get it done. That's if if I'm not lazy. =p

Anyway, that's about all I guess. Oh, left out my Mom. Though she gets on my nerves most of the times but she's always making me laugh. Not just at her silly-ness and actions, but also how I'm always on her mind. She went to KL for a short trip recently and while going on a mad shopping spree, she spotted some kind of eyelash treatment that supposedly makes your eyelash grow much longer. So she called back immediately asking if I want and that it's really nice. For a woman who had little interest in makeup, ok, practically no makeup at all, it's warming to see her keeping a look out for things that I like.

In the end, she said she'll buy it as a present to me and when I asked her are there instructions, she said that she's unsure but to make sure I know how to use it, she'll ask the sales lady for a video demonstration. Upon hearing that, I burst into laughter thinking of the predicament that sales lady must be in. Hahahahaha!

Okay, guess that's about all and once again I'm blogging live in my office, thus no pictures 'cept for the ones I took from Google!

1 more day till Friday & it's the weekends! :D

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