Thursday, November 2, 2006


All of us are starting to snap, seriously snapping. Lots of crappy things happened today, both in and out of school. First, we were in the canteen eating and SUDDENLY, a flash of bright light came on and blinded Kim and my eyes. Lols. During geography lesson, Kim and I decided to start on our favorite Disney's shoes shows and we decided to go on a movie marathon for that. Whahaha...Can't wait for the end of exams, Sarah and I are going to watch lots of animes and we're going to force Kim to watch some..Muahaha. It was quite eventful today, Jabez and I managed to steal lots of stuff but as we are all good people, we returned them to the rightful owner, see hoe nice we are... Lols. Kim and I went to causeway point to shop for a notebook as part of Ms Santha's wedding gift, we had some ideas, hopefully the class will like it as well. And now, for the interesting part, we went past the florist shop and Kim was saying that there are bouquets but I heard tooth decay(1st sign that I'm snapping). A little while later, at the same place, I saw a couple of wedding bears and I was saying to Kim, " Why don't we get them the broom and the gride bears?"(2nd sign) Apparently that set both of us off and we started laughing non-stop. Lots of crappy things happened during our English lesson and all but I'm just too lazy to type out as Kim will type most of them out...hehex. So please proceed to her blog. Plzkthx.

Okay, on a more serious note, my mood was slightly dampened because of the rain an Indian guy who crashed into my dad's car, luckily the car my dad is okay. He was pretty mad as it was the guy who banged into him but he is getting the blame as out of nowhere, the Indian got a eye witness. Lols, but my dad claimed he didn't see anyone there at that time. Since he got an witness, we are losing the case, I really hope that retribution will befall on them, and after this incident, my dad has a grudge against Indian drivers, you should see how he comments on them on the road. It is always interesting to listen to his comments. Hahas.
Anyway, today has indeed been a crappy day and lots of us are snapping. Bah. Can't wait for the O's to end and I will be reunited with my husband animes again. Lols.

The broom and the gride...

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