Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Time really flies. Our 3 day 2 night chalet is over. So sad!!!! So many things were happening at the same time during the chalet. Well, Kim and I reached the earliest due to us taking a cab and after taking a 10 minute hike, we finally reached the chalet. We started playing card game. In the beginning, nothing much happened. We walked to Changi Village to get out dinner and we had a long long chat with some guys. Later on, we played dark hide and seek. it was crap. Afterwards, Benjamin asked if we would like to watch prison break and after watching a few episodes, I was totally addicted to it!!!! On the first night, the addicted people were Garry, Benjammin, Kim and I. We went to watch the sunrise after that. For that whole day, I only slept for an hour. Shiok! the few of us also crept into the rooms to see how our dear classmates sleep. Hehehe. We went to meet Ms Santha and had lots of fun at the hawker centre. We went back to the chalet and played 'Blow Wind Blow' and lots of other games. We played Dog and Bone, Monkey, Captain Ball on the 1st day. Later we had a round of truth AND dare and some of us kana. So sad.

WE also keep crapping and Benjamin, Garry, Jabez and Kim presented a song for Ms Snatha, boo hoo. She cried so fast that I couldn't poke her eyes. Later on, Kima dn I wwre so high that we began dancing to some retro music. Lols..serious case of siaoness...hahas. Kim and I slept for 3 hrs in the afternoon so we could watch the whole of season 1 later in the night. We ordered pizza for dinner and there were only 13 of us. Later, a few of the addicted ones(mainly Ben, Kim and I) continued to watch Prison Break. I am so totally addicted to it. WE watched and slowly only the 3 of us were left. It gotten so exciting that the 3 of us were practically shouting into the labtop and pounding our fists against the pillow. Lols, later Ben was too weak to continue watching and needed his beauty sleep so there were only the 2 of us watching. We watched for 1 and a half episode before falling asleep. As was said in Kim's blog, the 2 of us slept a total of 4 hours during this 3day 2 night camp.

Overall, I think I managed to know some of our classmates better than ever and certainly I had lots of fun and laughter(thanks to Benjamin our clown) It was full of fun these few days we were together and I hope we can stay in contact. I know we will. We still have lots of places to go(look at Kim's blog)!!!! Hahas. I'm still quite hyper!!!! The suspense in Prison Break is killing us!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRISON BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need Prison Break!!!

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