Friday, July 14, 2006


AHHH!!! Doesn't he understand the meaning of retirement or stepping down??
Okay, I was quite fed-up in school, there are so many councillors and the CURRENT president there, why must he call on me the FORMER president?? Like what he said, I'm the FORMER president..argh!!!!Okay, so I was forced to go up..however, something good came out of this incident, at least I can take comfort that the people who really knows me know how I really am in real life..hahas..Anyway, really grateful to everyone who came up to me after chapel saying they sympathise with me, promises to "whack" someone for me and saying lots of stuff that isn't nice to write in here..lols..really grateful to you all..hahas..SOme unexpected people came up and console me..hahas..I didn't really expect it..lols..I'M FAMOUS!! just joking..hahas..

Well, we are pretty busy with some stuff that is going on now..hahas..I can't write it here as it is not password protected, if you want to know, go to Kim's blog..provided you know her password..hahas..Okay, gotta catch up on my animes now..ahhh!!! I missed so much animes..hahas..

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