Wednesday, May 24, 2006


These few days majority of our lessons are chinese. Sigh, all because of the up-coming O's. Today was a change, there was only an hour of chinese and Mdm F. didn't want to let us go for our SS saying that our chinese O's are coming and we had to focus on it instead. Lols, the SS teachers sent a student up but to no avail, she refused to let us off yet. Lols...We had a career talk too by the different polytechnics, sadly temasek poly was not here. It was pretty boring so KIm, Jace ,Min and I started to play hangman. When hangman got boring, we played BINGO! lols..long time since I've played that. I was still quite confused about the game and was concentrating very hard, until the guys started shouting to me saying I did a good job on, well, I'm not sure what and I forgotton to look at the diagonal lines for the game and my DEAR friend got bingo. Argh!!! Ok, so we were pretty bored in there, later on, we went to do our NE quiz, it was quite fun actually, lols..After that, a few of us stayed back to help clear the classroom for tomorrow meet-the-parents session, it was quite fun, though we did not have the chance to use the water hose, lols..Anyway, I don't think I'll be going to school tomorrow as I have some plans to go out..hehex..the councillors suddenly sms me saying they need a few more councillors...ARGH!!!! how to find at such a short notice, I must say though, from what I heard, they are doing quite badly..lols..what to say, they haven't really adjusted to their new posts I guess...Lessons are all pretty relaxed, having loads of fun at the back of the class, lols..

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