Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Post Wedding Feelings

Just attended my brother's wedding and though I'm not very close to him now as I once was, I'm glad that he finally found someone to set up a family with. During the wedding, I can't help but think about how I would like mine to be in the future, if ever given the chance. It totally helps that I have loads of relative & friends asking me when will it be my turn. My best answer that night was "Remember, my brother and I have an eight years gap, Ask me 8 years later." Bwahahaha! The look on their faces were hilarious.

Which girl doesn't dream of her own wedding? No idea. But I do, and I wonder if I'll ever have a chance to realize this event of mine. How I want things to take place, the kind of dresses I want, the bridesmaids, the games to play, the videos and many more. Most girls would have their dream wedding planned ages ago, but for me, who love events & weddings, the urge to plan it, to encounter all the chaos that comes with it is even much more. Maybe I can consider the route of a wedding planner. Heh~

But yes, my wedding, if any. Would I ever have a chance to plan my own? I guess, marriage to me now is out of the question. Rather, the kind of wedding I want ain't possible. And the reasons why I want a wedding now are totally superficial. I just want the pomp and the flare~ Not really just that but the rest are non-applicable. So it's impossible. But yea, even though it seems impossible, a girl can dream ya.


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