Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chingay 2009

Okay, this post is a little late..hahas.

Chingay 2009 is over and it was super fun. Hahas, really enjoyed the time on friday and saturday!! Heex, and took lots of photos, all in facebook. The whole parade was super high. Its a super big difference watching on tv and being there live. Hahas.

Walking Stitch! So Cutee!!!
Singing Stitch

I've been watching a few movies here and there even though my exams are just around the corner. Some were quite long ago like Red Cliff 2, etc. Oh well, here they are.

Red Cliff 2

The movie is zai, Zhugeliang is superb. The way he thinks and acts. Woots, so is Zhao Wei's character. Sun Shang Xiang i think. The arrow girl. LOL..Know a bit of the characters when the guys were playing Dynasty Warrior. But the movie is good even though I didn't watch the 1st movie. Hahas.

All's Well End's Well

Humorous and light hearted movie. Kept laughing but yet its stupid, especially whenever they do the dance. LOL..but really nice too. Hahas..
Love Matters

Pretty funny though as usual, there is a super sad part inside there. But still ok for this movie. Not say as sad as the I not Stupid 2 or Money not enough 2. I think to really know the funny parts, must watch the other shows by Jack Neo.
Got 2 free GV movie tickets from Mum so went to PS to watch Inkheart. Sadly the movie is quite draggy and not that nice. Didn't meet my expectations. Sad.
Can't wait to watch Bride Wars soon! Woots!

Okay, time to get going for me. Will be back after the exams I guess.

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