Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I'M ALIVE!!!!!! i know i said my blog will be dead..but due 2 some unknown reason, i couldn't resist blogging again..lols..'cos i know u peeps will miss me too..will..so nothing new at school except for the carnival which i have a bad feeling bout, more fighting in the school compound, having a idiotic person who always think he/she is very perfect..well..hmm..nothing much..manage to pyscho 2 of my church friends kids, Sean & JAmie to come for the carnival and manage to sell them 2 tickets..that's my start..lols..i will also buy $30 for myself too..half to the class and the other half to the council..lols..well..the council is getting more stressed each day and tension is growing among all of us and they are trying their best to figure out who is the next exco but to no avail..lols..well..we will be promtoed to councillor mentor..lols..that makes us sound old..sigh..so many comflicts flying around the school now..i don't want another repeat of what happened to me happen to my juniors..i've been a bad example..tsk..tsk..lols..well..me n kim sort of decided which poly to go..at least for me..lols..temasek poly looks so cool..its SMASHING!!!lols..just a new word i picked up these few days..hahax..hmm..nothing much..except i was forbided to drop chemistry and have to take it again..sad..sobs..well..misses my realtives a lot..hope i can go traveling at the end of the year..lols..i'm already making my plans..hahax..well..time passes fast and it seems like it was yesterday we were still in sec 1..oops..i sound like an old lady now..lols..i still remember all the fun we had in our sec 1,2,3 life..espcially i would keep quarreling with other peeps..esp. bLow..lols..but look at us now..we are all part of a big family..lols..with ms sharifah as our mommy..lols..n we don't know who is our daddy..or as mommy says..daddies..lols..ok..not saying anything much..but i really seen miracles happen to my life..esp through me n bLow..from enemies to close friends..n sisters..lols..n those that i often fight with become my close friends..lols..excpet for one case n that case is excpetional..its a special case..lols..guess i have been writeing too much..well..tata for now!!

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